Gen 4 P308 Olde School DI Rifle

Harkening back to the “old school” days of traditional AR direct impingement gas system rifles but with a crisp modern day upgrade, the new Olde School AR models by POF-USA can stand alone and above in the industry. Boasting rich features, we can now expect from POF rifles options such as complete ambidextrous controls for the bolt catch and release, safety selector, and magazine release. These POF USA Olde School Gen 4 .308 rifles are a beautiful union of the old and new. Designed with a straight Inconel gas tube and a four-fluted chamber neck, the Olde School actually almost doubles the total heat sustainability of other rifles, making it much more heat resistant and reliable.

Consider adding one of these premium Patriot Ordnance Factory Olde School .308 models to your collection. They're both being offered at super deep discounts, and the time will never be better to scoop one up.