POF USA GEN 4 Upper receiver 16" Black gas piston 7.62MM POF USA Gen 4 P308 War Hog Light Rifle, Burnt Bronze, Patriot Ordnance Factory gas piston rifle, SKU00703, in stock
POF USA GEN 4 P308-12-11M-308 Black
List Price: $2,895.00
Our Price: $2,895.00
Sale Price: $1,895.00
POF USA GEN 4 P415-10-9M-223 NP3
List Price: $2,567.99
Our Price: $2,295.00
Sale Price: $1,795.00
POF USA GEN 4 P308 16.5" Upper Receiver Assemble BLACK
List Price: $1,595.00
Our Price: $1,095.00
Sale Price: $1,095.00
POF USA GEN 4 WAR HOG P415 5.56MM Burnt Bronze
List Price: $2,229.99
Our Price: $1,749.00

Patriot Ordnance Factory Rifles & Accessories

As a POF USA Rifles master distributor, Central Florida Gun and Tactical provides you with online access for the purchase of top-rated, highly innovative Patriot Ordnance Factory Firearms (POF). POF Tactical Arms, manufactured in Phoenix, AZ, are designed for military, civilian and law enforcement use. They represent a total departure from traditional AR-15 gas impingement firearms, known for their carbon fouling problems and for timing issues associated with their cyclic rates.

Typical modern sporting and tactical assault rifles built on the reliable AR-15 platform are simply a cobbling together of standard parts common to every other manufacturer. POF-USA was founded by an aerospace engineer with the mission to design the absolute best firearm using unique technologies. The rifles we provide all represent industry- leading innovation, quality and cutting-edge engineering. You'll find no better tactical or sport rifle on the market!