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Get ready for the most fun you’ve had with a .22LR. Brand new for 2020 we bring you the Rebel. Our love of shooting, training, and prepping future shooters were the driving factors of development. We had to bring a quality to this platform which hasn’t been seen before. Aside from its light weight, the Rebel is equipped with a Mission First Tactical arm brace and threaded barrel with thread protector. The receiver accepts AR-15 pattern stock and brace options, and the trigger and selector are also compatible with AR-15 options. Above all, it's not a Title II weapon in the eyes of the ATF and requires no tax stamp.

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POF USA Rebel from Patriot Ordnance Factory  SKU 01664 POF USA REBEL 22LR Pistol

POF USA Rebel 22

List Price: $650.00
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