POF-USA Class 3 SBRs

The POF-USA short-barreled rifles feature barrels less than 16” in length or an overall length less than 26” meeting all of the NFA’s requirements. Our selection of Class 3 short-barreled gas piston AR15 rifles include those with 12.5” barrels, 10.5” barrels and one with a 7.25” barrel.

These Patriot Ordnance Factory NFA Class 3 SBR models are unique in the industry. They feature ambidextrous magazine release, safety levers, bolt release and bolt catch controls. Choose between models that hold a 30- or 20-round magazine. At Central Florida Gun and Tactical, if you’re a Florida resident, we’ll handle your Form 4 or ATF 5320.4 for you from start to finish. If you have further questions about the process of owning an SBR in your state, contact us, and we’ll help guide you!