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POF-USA Pistols 7.62MM (308)

Patriot Ordnance Factory AR10 styled pistols are like no others out there, these offer amazing stopping power in a small package! There’s never been a better time to own a compact POF firearm! These pistols are built to the same standards and specs as our rifles. Thanks to the 5 position SB Tactical SBA3 arm brace, the P308 and Revolution can be had in short barrel configurations with ease. Above all, it's not a Title II weapon in the eyes of the ATF and requires no tax stamp.

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POF USA CMR Revolution .308 12.5" from Patriot Ordnance Factory Direct Impingement 7.62MM Pistol SKU 01600 POF USA REVOLUTION DI .308WIN 12.5" Pistol BURNT BRONZE

POF USA Revolution DI .308WIN 12.5" Pistol Burnt Bronze

List Price: $2,903.00
Our Price: $2,669.99
**SALE PRICE !!: $2,569.99
Savings: $333.01
POF USA CMR Revolution GEN 4 308 12.5"  Burnt Bronze from Patriot Ordnance Factory gas piston 7.62MM Pistol SKU 01584 POF USA GEN 4 CMR REVOLUTION .308WIN 12.5" GAS PISTON Pistol Burnt Bronze

POF USA GEN 4 CMR Revolution .308 12.5" Burnt Bronze Pistol

List Price: $2,924.00
Our Price: $2,769.99
**SALE PRICE !!: $2,649.00
Savings: $275.00