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AAC Silencers & Suppressors

Advanced Armament Corporation is an Alabama-based manufacturer of firearms, silencers and muzzle devices whose parent company is Remington Arms, a 100+-year-old firearms and ammunition manufacturer known the world over. Find a number of quality products from this most notable of firearm silencer manufacturers, including Advanced Armament Corp suppressors and different AAC silencer models.

The 4.1-ounce Element 2 .22LR AAC Suppressor is a popular unit, quality-made from CNC-machined titanium and capable of reducing the sound of your gun's report down to 41dB.

Chosen by the U.S. Army for use on its XM2010 Sniper Rifle, the top-of-the-line titanium Titan-QD 338 Suppressor, sold complete with an Advanced Armament Corp silence cover, reduces the report of the firearm on which it's installed down to 32dB. Check out other silencers for 9mm, 7.62mm, 5.56mm and .45 auto weapons. Demand reliability and durability from your silencers, and find them at Central Florida Gun and Tactical.